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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why be a loyal customer-wrap it skinny!

IT PAYS TO BE LOYAL! Special Savings Save up to 45% on all It Works! products with Loyal Customer pricing. Automated Monthly Shipments Your favorite products will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep each month with our flexible auto-shipment service. Easy Customization Create the perfect order when you mix and match the productsyou want each month. Change your auto-shipment anytime you’re ready to try something new! Perks Points with Every Order! With every order you place, you’ll earn Perks Points equal to 10% of the subtotal of your order before taxes and shipping. For example, if the cost of your order before taxes and shipping is $100.00 USD, you’ll earn 10 Perks Points. You can start using your Perks Points anytime after your fourth consecutive auto-shipment. Bonus Points for Being Loyal! In addition to the Perks Points you earn with each order you place, you can also earn bonus Perks Points by simply continuing to place an auto-shipment order each month. After your sixth consecutive auto-shipment, you will receive 50 bonus Perks Points, and after your twelfth consecutive auto-shipment, you’ll receive 150 bonus Perks Points. That’s a $200 shopping spree on us!

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